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Holy, Holy (St. Bride Sanctus)

This song was written by John Bell as part of the St. Bride Eucharistic setting.

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Here is Bread for the Hungry Soul

This song was written by Mary Kay Beall and John Carter. 

Here is bread for the hungry soul.
Here is wine for the thirsty heart.
Here is forgiveness, full and free.
Here at the table of the Lord.

Song leaders have sometimes swapped the first two phrases to good effect: 'Here is bread for the hungry heart. Here is wine for the thirsty soul.'


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Hands of Healing

This prayer song was written by Carol Webb and would be especially effective during prayers for healing and wholeness. She writes about the inspiration for the song in a beautiful post.

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Pujilah Tuhanmu

This song is from Indonesia.

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Hakuna Wakaita

This traditional song from Zimbabwe is in Shona. The words translate roughly to "There's no one in this world like Jesus." It is available in written form as a download from Cokesbury in a version arranged by Patrick Matsikenyiri and Daniel Charles Damon.

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God Who Has Saved

This is a song written by James Clemens with lyrics by the poet David Wright. It is available in written form in A Field of Voices

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Guide Us Waking, Guide Us Sleeping

This song was written by Ana Hernandez. It is available in written form in Voices Found from Cokesbury.

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God Welcomes All

This is a song from South Africa, from a community of people living with HIV/AIDS. It is available in written form as an arrangement by John Bell in We Walk His Way from Wild Goose Publications. 

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All Peoples Clap Your Hands

This setting of Psalm 47 was written by Pascal Jordan, a Benedictine brother from Trinidad. It is available in written form in the With Many Voices Songbook. I learned it from Hilary Seraph-Donaldson in her wonderful series of instructional videos, Break into Song.

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Sithi Haleluya

This Ndebele song is sung in churches all over Zimbabwe in Africa. I learned it from Hilary Seraph Donaldson in her series of instructional videos called Break into Song. Hilary learned it from Maria Minnaar-Bailey, and it is available in written form in Maria's Chaia Marima Songbook 3.

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God Bless Every Step

Composed by Ruth Cunningham, this is a popular song from Music By Heart (p. 58), the original collection of songs published as part of the Music that Makes Community project. It was composed by Ruth Cunningham and is both layered and works as a round.

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Go On Your Way in Joy

This song, composed by Kerri Meyer at The Bishop's Ranch in 2014, has quickly become a favorite in the MMC community. Its great for ending a service or meeting with lots of energy and good feeling. See below for a video of the song being taught, as well as a recording of Kerri teaching it and a pdf score.

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Fear Not the Pain

Composed by Rachel Kroh at the Music that Makes Community Composers' Retreat in Brattleboro, VT in August of 2013.

Fear not the pain,
Let its waves fall back into the earth.
For heavy are the mountains, heavy are the seas.

- Lyrics by Rainer Maria Rilke from "Sonnets to Orpheus, Part One, IV"

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As We Eat This Bread

This song was composed by Reverend Stephanie Spellers at a Music that Makes Community event in Boston in 2009.

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All Who Are Thirsty

Composed by Brian Wentzel, available in a book called At Your Altars from Hope Publishing

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Come to the Table (Baker-Trinity)

Composed by Jennifer Baker-Trinity

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Come to the Table

Composed by James Clemens, this Invitation to the Table can be offered as a call and response song, with the leader singing the first two lines and the community responding with, 'We come together in Jesus' name...' and echoing the word offered by the leader (love, need, truth, etc). 

Come, come, come to the table in love. (need, truth, etc.)

We come together in Jesus' name.
We come to the table in love. (need, truth, etc.)

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Do Not Fear

Composed by Adele Crawford

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Come O Lord and Set Us Free

Composed by John Bell, published in We Walk His Way from Wild Goose publications (available as a CD or songbook).



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Come Light of Lights

The song was composed by Ruth Cunningham and works very well as a round. 

Come, light of lights into my heart.
Come, wisdom of Spirit into my heart.

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