Our pool of presenters is a diverse group of skilled musicians and clergy from around the United States and Canada. Most began as participants in Music that Makes Community workshops, and we are always working to expand the pool and lift up the leadership of song leaders with experience and expertise to offer our network. If you are interested in hiring a presenter to teach paperless song leading in your community, you can visit the Host a Workshop page to find out about planning a Music that Makes Community workshop in your area.

23 directory listings
Ben Allaway
Presenter since 2007
Conie Borchardt
Executive Director since December 2023; Member of the Board of Trustees, 2021-2023; Presenter since 2014
Matthew Burt
Presenter since 2012
Eric Choate
Presenter since 2013
Patricia Coldren
Member of the Board of Trustees from 2019-2022
Cricket Cooper
Member of the Board of Trustees
Hilary Donaldson
Presenter since 2015
Ana Hernandez
Presenter since 2008
AnnaMarie Hoos
Presenter since 2014
Beth Kelly
Member of the Board of Trustees
Jorge Lockward
Presenter since 2017
Nehemiah Luckett
Presenter since 2018
Debbie Lou Ludolph
Presenter since 2013
Lester V Mackenzie
Presenter since 2008
Sylvia & Donnel Miller-Mutia
Presenter since 2014
Charlotte Moroz
Presenter since 2014
Angela Morris
Presenter since 2018
Paul Vasile
Executive Director, 2016-2023 Member of the Board of Trustees, 2014-2016
Chanda Rule
Member of the Board of Trustees
Jennifer Sanborn
Member of Board of Trustees
Donald Schell
MMC Founder, Chair of the MMC Board of Trustees
Jacob Slichter
Presenter since 2010
Zachary Walter
Presenter since 2014

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