Our Mission

Music that Makes Community is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people connect and learn through singing. We do that by developing and teaching a practice of paperless song leading grounded in a theology of welcome and generosity for the benefit of musicians, clergy, congregants, students and lay leaders who want to use the practice to enrich and enliven their worship and community life.

We pursue our mission in three ways:

· Partner with hosts to plan workshops in their communities in order to widen the circle of people who have experienced paperless song leading and train new leaders;

· Support our community of presenters who work to refine the practice of paperless song leading (and the pedagogy required to effectively teach it to others) and expand the repertoire of songs that can be lead paperlessly through composition and research;

· Serve the network of practitioners of paperless song that has grown over the eight years we've been facilitating Music that Makes Community events by connecting them with one another, offering tools for building a repertoire of songs and supporting centers of paperless song leading practice through community events and local practice group gatherings.

Music that Makes Community
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