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God Bless the Revolution

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016, Lindsey Nye taught this song based on a popular prayer before meals. The Lyrics are: Some Have Food Some Have None God Bless the Revolution

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Lord Bless the Hands

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016, Elizabeth Nelson taught us this powerful melody. The lyrics are: Lord Bless the hands that Share with Us And Bless the Hands that Care for Us Now Hear this Simple Prayer from Us Amen Amen Now bless the Dawning of this Day And Bless the Friends that Come our Way Now Hear your People as we Pray Amen Amen

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Hosana in the Highest

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016

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Da Pacem Cordium

This song is composed and shared by the Taize Community.

The Lyrics translate to: "Give Peace to every Heart."

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Shalom Chaverim

Shalom chaverim is a beautiful Israeli folk song, a greeting that means "peace."


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Peace In My Heart

This song was written in 2003 by Miriam Klamkin, and can be found on the collection MotherTongue: Weaving the Web of Life. The Lyrics are as follows:

Peace in my heart

Peace between our hearts

Peace at the heart of the world

©2003 Miriam Klamkin


Weaving the Web of Life

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Salamu alaykum

This "peace" was written by Benjamin and Tamika Jancewitz who teach it in the video at an MMC event in Baltimore 2015.


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Christ, Mighty Savior, Light of All Creation

Paul Vasile led this tune at the Music that Makes Community event in Baltimore in November, 2015. An audio file of this tune, listing of printings and hymnals, and complete lyrics can be found here:

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Arise My Love, And Come Away

This is a new composition by Paul Vasile, a freelance church musician, consultant, and composer based in New York City. A frequent facilitator at Music that Makes Community events around the country, Paul is passionate about modeling and sharing leadership practices that sustain the musical and spiritual life of faith communities.

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Love, Joy, Peace, Goodness

Paul Vasile is an interim/transitional church musician, consultant and composer based in NYC.


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God Is Love, Love Is God

Paul Vasile wrote this song in December of 2015 at St. Lydia's Lutheran Church, and it's sweeping melody often elicits lush harmony when invited.

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Joy Shall Come in the Morning

After the 2007 shooting rampage at Virginia Tech Mary Alice heard on the radio the pastor of a church near the college being asked what he could preach on the next Sunday. He answered with a quote from Psalm 30: " Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." This inspired Mary Alice to write this song for the service she was leading the following Sunday at the Guilford (VT) Community Church, UCC. The singers are, from left to right: Cora Neilsen Kelly, Mary Alice Amidon, Zara Bode (Stefan's wife), Suzannah Park (soloist), Emily Miller, Jeff Fellinger, Gideon Crevoshay, Stefan Amidon (Peter & Mary Alice's younger son) Avery Book and Peter Amidon. You can hear, purchase, and download sheet music for this and other Amidon choral arrangements at:

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Antiphon for whirling

This song was written by Ana Hernandez in 2007, and can be found in the collection called Music By Heart (#26), the original collection of songs published as part of a Music that Makes Community project.

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Love and Faithfulness Shall Lead

This song was written by David E. Poole, and is a setting of Psalm 85. In this video, Conie Borchardt leads the song at the Music that Makes Community Presenters' Retreat at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY in September of 2015. 

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Lamb of God (St. Bride Agnus Dei)

This song was written by John Bell as part of the St. Bride setting. It is available in written form in the Iona Abbey Music Book from Wild Goose Publications, as well as the Come All You People songbook (page 94).

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Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (Sanctus)

This is a setting of a Sanctus composed in 2003 by the Iona Community in Scotland. Here's a tip for leading this echo paperlessly: be sure to invite the group to follow you with a clear gesture. The echo comes quite quickly, so be ready to cue them to avoid confusion.  

Additional info:

Copyright Holder Name: © WGRG The Iona Community (Scotland). Used by permission of GIA Publications, Inc.
Terms of Use: Must purchase a License to reprint music in order of worship, or purchase the resource in which it is published.
Print Source: Sing the Faith, #2256 Publisher Name: Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, Westminster John Knox Press. Purchase this book from Amazon here.
Year of Publication: 2003


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We Are Coming, Lord, to the Table

I learned this song from Sierra Leone (transcribed by Greg Scheer) at a congregational song symposium at the Chandler School of Theology in Atlanta, GA. Because each section of the song repeats, it's easiest to have folks echo after you. In the second section the word changes from bread to wine on the repeat so you have to think about how to prompt that. A few beats before the repeat I'll often say the new text and make sure that folks notice the change in that moment.


Song Form: Simple melody with SATB harmony
Place of Origin: Sierra Leone  
Copyright Holder Name: Arr. © 2008 Greg Scheer
Terms of Use: You must contact Greg Scheer to use the piece, or purchase the publication in which it appears
Print Source: Published in Global Songs for Worship. Purchase this book from Amazon here.
Publisher Name: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Faith Alive Christian Resources
Year of Publication: 2010

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Go With Us, Lord, and Set Us All Free (Hamba nathi Mkhululi wethu)

A traditional Xhosa hymn which, roughly translated, means “Go with us, our saviour” from Pamela Warrick Smith. Paul Vasile brings it to Music that Makes Community. When you lead it, make sure that you keep a steady beat so the group can feel the syncopated rhythm of the tune. I teach the tune first and once that's set teach the bass line. If folks don't intuitively add harmony (almost every group I've taught this to has) then line out parts.

There are several English translations of this text and sadly not all are attributed. 
1. You Are Holy, You Show Us the Way in Xhosa: Here is a link to a pdf of the sheet music for this version.
2. God With Us, Lord, and Set Us All Free... etc. 
3. Come Walk With Us, the Journey Is Long - text by Anders Nyberg 
I have improvised other verses, as well, and heard others do the same: i.e. Go with us, Lord, and give us your love/joy/peace, or Come walk with us and share in our bread. Lots of possibilities. 

Additional Information:
Song form: Simple melody with SATB harmony
Composer(s) Name(s): Traditional South African melody
Place of Origin: South African

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Come, Bring Your Burdens to God (Woza nomthwalo wakho)

This South African traditional song from the singing of the Mooiplaas congregation comes from from the Iona Community publication We Walk His Way. A great strength of music from southeastern Africa is that it usually emerges from communal life, and in singing such songs we unite our sung prayers with those of the people who created them. 

To lead it, sing through it once or twice. It's easy enough that folks will start singing with you quickly. Encourage harmony and add leader part once the song is set.

Additional Information:
Biblical Reference: Matthew 11:28
Copyright Holder Name: English trans. © 2008 WGRG, Iona Community (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)
Terms of Use: Must purchase license to reprint in order of worship
Print Source: We Walk His Way, Iona Community, WGRG
Publisher Name: GIA Publications, Inc.
Year of Publication: 2008

Here is a link to a pdf of sheet music for this song.




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