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There is Some Kiss We Want

This poignant song based on a line from the Sufi poet Rumi was shared with the MMC community by Ana Hernández. The intuitive melodic shape makes it easy to teach, and groups are quick to sing and harmonize. 

Ana suggests using the piece for centering and meditation practice. She also blogged about her experiences using the song in a 12-step community.

It can be sung unaccompanied or with guitar or keyboard.

"There is some kiss we want with our whole lives.
The touch of spirit on the body."


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Peace, Perfect Peace

This haunting refrain was composed by Robinson McClellan and it can be sung in unison or as a canon in up to three parts. It incorporates a chanted text of Edward Henry Bickersteth, offering moments of quiet reflection between each statement of the refrain.

Honoring the text's roots, the composer has set the refrain in Gaelic.

"Peace, perfect peace."

"Sith lanachd sith."

Pronunciation: Shee, lahn-ahkt shee. 

"Peace, perfect peace with sorrows surging round?
On Jesus' bosom naught but calm is found.

"Peace, perfect peace with loved ones far away?
In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they.

"Peace, perfect peace our future all unknown?
Jesus we know, and he is on the throne.

"Peace, perfect peace death shadowing us and ours?
Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers."

Robinson has given faith communities permission to sing and share the song without restrictions.

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Night Has Fallen

Night Has Fallen is a call-and-response song based on a melody from Malawi. The text was translated into English by Tom Colvin, a Church of Scotland minister and missionary, and later arranged and harmonized by John Bell.

It can be helpful to teach the response to the community first, then start from the beginning and weave the sections together. Additional verses can also be written or improvised. 

The song can be used for Compline or Evening Prayer, as a sung bedtime blessing, or in dialogue with Psalm 4.

Night has fallen. (Night has fallen.)
God our maker, guard our sleeping.

You have kept us, Lord. (You have kept us, Lord.)
God our maker, guard our sleeping.

We will trust in you. (We will trust in you.)
God our maker, guard our sleeping.

Copyright for the piece is held by Hope Publishing. If you plan to reprint the text in a bulletin, a program, or in individual song sheet form, you must submit a request for use.

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Know That God Is Good

This is a melody from the Democratic Republic of Congo, origin unknown; arranged by John L. Bell in One is the Body, available through GIA Publications, Inc.



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There Are Angels Hovering Round

There Are Angels Hovering Round is a song that has come to the MMC network through multiple channels. St. Gregory of Nyssa congregants have been singing this song at funerals for many years. Peter and Mary Alice Amidon have a lovely arrangement of it on their website, where you can listen to an mp3 and purchase sheet music.

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Holy, Holiness

Holy, Holiness was composed by Ellen Allard, a performer and teacher who moves seamlessly between both the Secular and the Jewish world of Early Childhood. Carried to the MMC community by Rita Pihra-Majurinen, this haunting minor-key melody holds an invitation to honor the wholeness and beauty in each other and in all creation. Originally written for a Jewish liturgical context, we have also seen the song used in interfaith services and for earth-honoring rituals.

The opening phrases naturally invite call and echo, a helpful pattern for teaching the song. A shruti box or another drone instrument can help the group stay on pitch; guitar or keyboard provide wonderful accompaniment, as well.

"All around, everywhere.
Holy, holiness.

In the highest sky, in the deepest sea.
Holy, holiness."

Additional verses (optional):
"In my heart your soul...

In all we do... in all we are...

Every step... every breath...

As with me... so with you..."

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Have You Died Before

Lindsey Nye shared this original layered song at a Music that Makes Community Holy Week Test Kitchen in February 2016. It was written to be sung on Good Friday.

Have you died before? Have you died before, too?
Was there a time when Jesus on the cross was you?

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Our Mother In Heaven

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016, Liesl Spitz leads this energetic and inclusive version of the Lord's Prayer.

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Our Father In Heaven

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016, Liesl Spitz leads this energetic interpretation of the Lord's Prayer.

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God Bless the Revolution

Here's a short meal blessing written by Lindsey Nye, in collaboration with Zachary and Rebecca Stevens-Walter. It's based on a popular (but unattributed) meal blessing.

"Some have food,
Some have none,
God bless the revolution!"

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Lord Bless the Hands

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016, Elizabeth Nelson taught us this powerful melody. The lyrics are: Lord Bless the hands that Share with Us And Bless the Hands that Care for Us Now Hear this Simple Prayer from Us Amen Amen Now bless the Dawning of this Day And Bless the Friends that Come our Way Now Hear your People as we Pray Amen Amen

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Hosana in the Highest

At the Music that Makes Community Holy Week Retreat in February 2016

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Da pacem cordium

This beautiful canon was composed by Jacques Berthier of the Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic community in France that prays for reconciliation and peace in the world. The distinctive chants and songs used at Taizé often set simple phrases (usually lines from Psalms or other pieces of Scripture) repeated until they work their way into the rhythms of the heart, a form of “praying without ceasing.”

This tune can be shared without printed music two ways:

1. Sing the canon from beginning to end, then line out each section of the canon using call and echo until the group is confident. Combine the phrases, then divide the group and cue one at a time. 
2. Divide the group into three sections and teach one phrase of the canon to each. While the melody won't migrate around the group as it does with a canon, this strategy can be helpful when time is limited.

"Da pacem cordium"

Give peace to every heart.

Copyright for the piece is held by GIA Publications, Inc. so you'll need a OneLicense membership to print the text or music.

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Shalom chaverim / Farewell, Good Friends

Shalom chaverim is a beautiful Israeli folk song that can be sung as a simple melody or as a three-part round. While literally translated "Peace, friends," the word shalom has more depth and richness of meaning than can be contained in any single English word. Hebrew scholars suggest something closer to "comprehensive well being" but that's difficult to set to music. 

Begin by inviting the community to repeat the text in Hebrew. Line out the melody until the group is confident, then divide the group and try it as a round. Leaders will often invite a step or swing from side to side, accenting the buoyant rhythm of the tune.

The piece is useful as a welcoming, blessing, or sending song, and is a wonderful way to invite the group to connect visually or kinesthetically through gentle bows, handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, or hugs. 

The Rev. Sylvia Miller-Mutia has written a thoughtful blog post about how she shares the song in her context.

Shalom, chaverim.

Shalom, chaverim.
Shalom, shalom.
L'hitraot, l'hitraot,
Shalom, shalom.

English singing translation:
Farewell, my friends. 
Farewell, my friends. 
Shalom, shalom.
Till we meet again, till we meet again.
Shalom, shalom.

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Peace In My Heart

This beautiful chant was written by Miriam Klamkin, a teacher and coach connected to EarthSpirit, a pagan community which gathers together throughout the year to celebrate connection with the sacred Earth. It was brought to the MMC community by The Rev. Sylvia Miller-Mutia.

"Peace in my heart.
Peace between our hearts.
Peace at the heart of the world."

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Salamu alaykum

This "peace" was written by Benjamin and Tamika Jancewitz who teach it in the video at an MMC event in Baltimore 2015.


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Christ, Mighty Savior, Light of All Creation

Paul Vasile led this tune at the Music that Makes Community event in Baltimore in November, 2015. An audio file of this tune, listing of printings and hymnals, and complete lyrics can be found here:

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