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Come Light of Lights

The song was composed by Ruth Cunningham and works very well as a round. 

Come, light of lights into my heart.
Come, wisdom of Spirit into my heart.

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Sithi Haleluya

This Ndebele song is sung in churches all over Zimbabwe in Africa. I learned it from Hilary Seraph Donaldson in her series of instructional videos called Break into Song. Hilary learned it from Maria Minnaar-Bailey, and it is available in written form in Maria's Chaia Marima Songbook 3.

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All Peoples Clap Your Hands

This setting of Psalm 47 was written by Pascal Jordan, a Benedictine brother from Trinidad. It is available in written form in the With Many Voices Songbook. I learned it from Hilary Seraph-Donaldson in her wonderful series of instructional videos, Break into Song.

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Come O Lord and Set Us Free

Composed by John Bell, published in We Walk His Way from Wild Goose publications (available as a CD or songbook).



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Christ is our Guiding Light

'Christ Is Our Guiding Light' was composed by Eric H. F. Law and works well as a round or canon. There's also a lovely descant line for a cantor to sing.

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Arise, Shine

'Arise, Shine' was composed by Ruth Cunningham and is a great example of a layered song. 

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Alleluia from Palestine

I learned this song from Debbie Lou Ludolph at Music that Makes Community in Minneapolis in 2014.

Sheet music can be found in Singing In Community, our latest songbook published by Augsburg Fortress. It is also published in Sing With the World, a collection edited by John Bell and Alison Adam of the Iona Community in Scotland and published by GIA Publications, Inc. It is available as a CD, download and book at the link above.

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If In Your Heart

This is a popular song from Music By Heart (# 30), the original collection of songs published as part of the Music that Makes Community project. It was composed by Ana Hernandez. 

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In My End Is My Beginning

The lyrics of this song are from T. S. Eliot's The Four Quartets, Burnt Norton. It was composed by Rachel Kroh at Music that Makes Community in Minneapolis in 2012. 

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What We Need Is Here

This song was composed by Amy McCreath. It has become an anthem of sorts for the Music that Makes Community network because of its simple but powerful lyrics and easily taught (and harmonized) melody.


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We Are Coming, Lord, to the Table

I learned this song from Sierra Leone (transcribed by Greg Scheer) at a congregational song symposium at the Chandler School of Theology in Atlanta, GA. Because each section of the song repeats, it's easiest to have folks echo after you. In the second section the word changes from bread to wine on the repeat so you have to think about how to prompt that. A few beats before the repeat I'll often say the new text and make sure that folks notice the change in that moment.


Song Form: Simple melody with SATB harmony
Place of Origin: Sierra Leone  
Copyright Holder Name: Arr. © 2008 Greg Scheer
Terms of Use: You must contact Greg Scheer to use the piece, or purchase the publication in which it appears
Print Source: Published in Global Songs for Worship. Purchase this book from Amazon here.
Publisher Name: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Faith Alive Christian Resources
Year of Publication: 2010

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Come to the Feast

Sylvia Miller-Mutia created this song at a Music that Makes Community Gathering in January 2015. While created as a song for people to sing in procession to the table for communion, it is easily adapted to serve as an invitation or transition into any part of the liturgy.

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Love and Faithfulness Shall Lead

This song was written by David E. Poole, and is a setting of Psalm 85. In this video, Conie Borchardt leads the song at the Music that Makes Community Presenters' Retreat at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY in September of 2015. 

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Love, Joy, Peace, Goodness

Paul Vasile is an interim/transitional church musician, consultant and composer based in NYC.


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