Go With Us, Lord, and Set Us All Free (Hamba nathi Mkhululi wethu)

A traditional Xhosa hymn which, roughly translated, means “Go with us, our saviour” from Pamela Warrick Smith. Paul Vasile brings it to Music that Makes Community. When you lead it, make sure that you keep a steady beat so the group can feel the syncopated rhythm of the tune. I teach the tune first and once that's set teach the bass line. If folks don't intuitively add harmony (almost every group I've taught this to has) then line out parts.

There are several English translations of this text and sadly not all are attributed. 
1. You Are Holy, You Show Us the Way in Xhosa: Here is a link to a pdf of the sheet music for this version.
2. God With Us, Lord, and Set Us All Free... etc. 
3. Come Walk With Us, the Journey Is Long - text by Anders Nyberg 
I have improvised other verses, as well, and heard others do the same: i.e. Go with us, Lord, and give us your love/joy/peace, or Come walk with us and share in our bread. Lots of possibilities. 

Additional Information:
Song form: Simple melody with SATB harmony
Composer(s) Name(s): Traditional South African melody
Place of Origin: South African

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