There Is Enough

Kerri Meyer wrote There Is Enough at a Music that Makes Community workshop and it became an instant hit! The melody was adapted from a Peter Mayer refrain and she also composed a descant to sing over the tune. 

The song is easy to teach through call and echo. Simple hand gestures can help reinforce the subtle differences between the phrases, especially the first and third. And harmony is so intuitive it may show up before you invite folks to add it.

We've seen the piece shared in so many settings - from church suppers and stewardship campaigns to a protest in the office of a United States senator.

"There is enough!
There is enough!
There is enough, oh,
Enough and some to share!"

"God has blessed her people, God has blessed us!"

The Rev. Breen Sipes of Tri-Saints Lutheran Parish in rural Nebraska shared additional verses she's used with young people in her community:

"I am enough..."
"You are enough..."
"God has enough..."

Kerri has given faith communities permission to sing and share the song without copyright restrictions.

Sheet music can be found here.

Hear an audio clip of Kerri leading this song at our 2014 Musical Test Kitchen in San Francisco.

And here's a video of AnnaMarie Hoos leading this song at our Winter Retreat at The Bishop's Ranch in 2015. 

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