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Jason Chesnut
| jesus-follower | anti-racist | feminist | aspiring theologian | ordained in @ELCA | works @TheSlateProject | restless creative | #BlackLivesMatter
Rick Morley
follower of Jesus, father of two, husband of one, Episcopal priest, one book down, one blog up, surrounded by empty jars of nutella
Charlotte Moroz
Presenter since 2014
Lauren Muratore
Learning to be a pastor-person, working in @GettSem admissions, preaching justice & peace on a battlefield (literally), finding art everywhere. All views mine.
Jim Rowe
Child of God, husband, father, bike commuting @ELCA pastor serving @redeemerkgn in the @MetroNYSynod, dairy-free triathlete, lover of all things cycling.
Chanda Rule
Member of the Board of Trustees
Sara Shisler Goff
priest, writer, runner, artist, yogi, seeker. news junkie, coffee addict, compulsive book buyer.

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