The Light of Christ

The Light of Christ is a simple melody by Donald Fishel with a leader/cantor descant. It could also be taught as a two-part layered song. 

Teach the piece phrase by phrase through call and echo. Then invite the community to sing it through, adding the leader part when the group is confident. 

The song can be used for Vespers, for candle lighting, and as a response during the Christmas and Epiphany seasons. An accompanying instrument like a shruti box or a soft unison or open fifth on the organ can help support the congregation and sustain the energy of the song. 

"The light of Christ has come into the world." 

Copyright for the piece is held by Church Publishing, Inc. You will need a OneLicense membership to print the text or music.

Sheet music can be found in My Heart Sings Out, a wonderful hymnal designed for all-age worship.

Here's a link to an audio recording of Emily Scott singing The Light of Christ, then offering some suggestions for how to lead it without paper.

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