Our Breath Is Incense

Psalm 141 is commonly used during Vespers or Evening Prayer. This setting by psalmist and singer-songwriter Richard Bruxvoort Colligan invites the community to sing a refrain which alternates with solo verses.

Use call and echo patterns to teach the refrain phrase by phrase. Weave them together when the community is ready and proceed right into the psalm setting without breaking the flow.

Our breath is incense, sweet smell rising.
Our hands are open, lifted up in the evening. 

Verse 1: 
I call out to you Come and hear me 
Give ear to my voice, my God, and quickly. 

Verse 2
Watch the door of my mouth for integrity 
Guard my lips and keep my heart from turning. 

Verse 3 
Let the elders guide and correct my way 
Keep my words and actions true I pray. 

Verse 4 
Watch the farmer's plow turn the blessed earth 
Bones of death and signs of rising birth. 

Verse 5
You are the earth, I am a seed 
Hide me, grow me, love and never leave me. 

Richard's music is licensed via CCLI, OneLicense.net and Worldmaking.net. Be sure report use of the piece if you print the text or music for your community.

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