• While many come to our workshops expecting to learn new songs, they discover something even more transformative - new ways to build community through singing, even in unexpected places! 
    Did you have a required morning class your first year of college? The one you only survived with coffee or skipped more than you care to admit?
    Dr. Justin Yonker, a professor at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia attended MMC’s Paperless Singing/Story Sharing workshop at St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in September. Inspired by our encouragement to take singing to places where it could help create community, he walked into his Intro to Astronomy class the next morning and taught a song. It didn’t take long for students to jump right in. And for the rest of the semester they sang before each class and students led songs of their own (all astronomy-themed, of course)!

    The small group experience at the workshop was transformative and gave me the tools and confidence to realize I could lead something. When I stepped in front of the class to share Kris Kristofferson's 'Love is the Way,' I used the practices we learned (chunking, call and echo, etc.) and the students joined right in. 

    Singing together changed the semester. I had been trying to get the class to participate more, wanting to welcome their ideas and experiences. Starting with song kept them more engaged and opened the floodgates of participation, and I think it helped create a collaborative, trusting space that fostered learning and growth."

    With your generous support, MMC can continue to offer leadership training that sparks imagination - encouraging people to find and create spaces where singing strengthens, heals, and enriches community! 

    Gifts of all sizes matter to us and we are grateful for your ongoing support! 

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