• While many come to our workshops expecting to learn new songs, they discover something even more transformative - renewed confidence and creativity as leaders! 

    Consider the testimony of Sarah Brockus, a United Methodist musician who attended our fall workshop at Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center in New Jersey:

    "I can’t thank you enough for the gift of this retreat. Our Pastor was gone this Sunday so I led almost the whole service – and the spirit moved in ways it never has before!

    The workshop gave me permission to “go with it.” I composed, I shaped – I made up whole new things in the moment that I’ve never done before. The congregation’s response was through the roof!! And they appreciated that I took time to fully teach them the songs – the listening part was extremely important 

    The communal spirit was heavenly and received positive feedback from the congregations for weeks afterward!"

    Sarah leads the group in song at Cross Roads

    With your support, MMC can strengthen and inspire others in the coming year! Whether it's in small groups, choir rehearsals, on the streets, or in worship services, we're committed to sharing songs and leadership practices that transform how people connect through singing.

    We can do it with your generous support!

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