• This October Music That Makes Community collaborated with Alice Parker, a legend in the choral music world. Best known for arrangements and compositions created for the Robert Shaw Chorale, community singing has been her passion and joy for the past four decades.  

    Alice and I had the opportunity to lead Sharing the Song, a workshop for song leaders excited to nurture and sustain singing in their communities. In partnership with her non-profit Melodious Accord and Eden Theological Seminary, MMC was part of welcoming 18 song leaders to a transformative time of skill building and reflection.

    "It was the perfect wedding of instruction, inspiration, and affirmation for me as a community song leader. I take home a renewed sense of the energy and power of music." 

    We're planning another iteration of Sharing the Song in 2019. And we're equally excited by the ways Alice is helping shape and renew our work, bringing decades of wisdom and experience to our practice. 
    Your gift to Music That Makes Community helps support dynamic leadership training events like Sharing the Song, and fosters collaboration with others passionate about community singing. Now, more than ever, is the time to give generously and help launch MMC into 2019! 

    Join us in creating more spaces for singing and learning in the year to come!

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