Going Out and Coming In (Psalm 121)

This song, from a bit of Psalm 121, first took shape at a Music That Makes Community event in Minneapolis. Going out and coming in the Holy One keeps us Going out and coming in the Holy One sings Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan © 2016 Worldmaking.net (ASCAP) All rights reserved. used by permission. Licensed via CCLI, OneLicense.net and Worldmaking.net. Leading: I think it's best done by singing through the first half of the song, inviting the assembly to sing it, then singing the second half, inviting the assembly to sing it. Then put the two pieces together. Song form: simple melody Print Source: http://www.psalmimmersion.com/#!going-out-and-coming-in/njv23 Audio Recording Link: http://www.psalmimmersion.com/#!going-out-and-coming-in/njv23 Video Recording Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ejDal-vJ_g Suggested Tags: Liturgical Use: Prayer, Psalm, Contexts and Gatherings: Prayer, Worship, Funeral, Wedding Language: English Musical Tradition: chant Religious Tradition: Jewish, Christian

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