Let the Broken Ones Be Healed

This lyrical melody by Sandra Gay can also be sung as a three-part round. The text is from Songs for the Cycle by hymn writer Michael Hudson, who took on the challenge of writing a hymn text for each of the gospels in the three-year Lectionary cycle.

Invite the community to listen to the text spoken aloud. Then, break the tune into phrases and invite the group to echo each. Combine the phrases into longer units; listen carefully and use gestures or mnemonic cues to instill confidence. When the group is ready, sing the piece through several times and then invite a canon.

"Let the broken ones be healed.
Let the lost be found and fed.
Let the grace of God roll on.
Let the river rise and spread.
Step into the stream with me.
Let God's gracious purpose be!"


Sheet music can be found in Music By HeartMMC's first collection of paperless music. 

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