• Jason Chesnut is a Co-Pastor of The Slate Project, a new worshipping community in Baltimore, MD. He was a participant at MMC in New York City in 2014 and is co-hosting our event in Baltimore November 20-21, 2015.

    When I walked into St. Peter's in midtown Manhattan for the Music That Makes Community conference, I honestly had no idea what to think. I mean, I like music. I like singing. But an entire conference on this? It seemed unnecessary. 

    A few days later, I was stunned. Not only had I stretched myself like never before at any conference (and I'm a Lutheran pastor, y'all - I go to a lot of conferences); I had also learned a skill that I have used almost every single day since then. Our own #BreakingBread (worship rooted in the ancient and the arts) regularly employs the skills of paperless music in Baltimore.

    It might sound like hyperbole. Well, so be it. Music That Makes Community is indispensable when it comes to creating a unique and enigmatic worship space. I'm so lucky I went.

    #BreakingBread is a worshiping opportunity as part of our larger community in Baltimore, The Slate ProjectWe are a new kind of Christian community (primarily interested in Christianity without the crap) that meets both online and face-to-face. 

    Together, we are sponsoring MMC to come to Baltimore, for the same reason many of us went to NYC last year - to learn the ancient art of paperless singing, and to equip others in our area to take this radical practice to their own communities. 

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