Hakuna Wakaita sa Jesu / Hukuna Munga kama wewe / There's No One Like Jesus - African Praise Song

This popular African Praise Song exists in a staggering number of variations, depending on the country, language, and denominational background of the community singing it. Here are three versions that have been widely shared within the MMC network: in Shona, Swahili, and English. You'll notice subtle differences in melody, harmony, translation, and instruments accompanying the song. 

The piece is a powerful affirmation of Jesus as teacher, leader, and savior. Many communities embody the text by walking around, searching, and turning around.

"Hakuna Wakaita sa Jesu, 
haku hakunaba/hakuchina.

Ndamhanyamhanya kwese kwese,
Ndatenderera kwese kwese,
Ndatsvagatsvaga kwese kwese,
Haku hakunaba/hakuchina."

"Hakuna Mungu kama wewe, 
Hakuna na hatakuwepo

Nimetembea kote kote,
Nimezunguka kote kote,
Nimetafuta kote kote,
Hakuna na hatakuwepo."

English (singing translation):
"There's no one, there's no one like Jesus.
There's no one, there's no one like him.

I've walked and walked all over, over.
I turned and turned all over, over.
I've searched and searched all over, over.
There's no one, there's no one like him.

English (literal translation):
"There is no God like you.
There isn't, nor will their ever be!

I've walked everywhere,
I've circled/turned everywhere,
I've searched everywhere. 
There isn't, nor will there ever be!"

A musical setting in Shona appears in several songbooks and hymnals, namely in Worship & Song and Njalo, a collection of hymns and song arranged by Patrick Matsikenyiri and Daniel Damon.

Here is a video of the song in Shona:

Here is a Swahili setting:

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