Night Has Fallen

Night Has Fallen is a call-and-response song based on a melody from Malawi. The text was translated into English by Tom Colvin, a Church of Scotland minister and missionary, and later arranged and harmonized by John Bell.

It can be helpful to teach the response to the community first, then start from the beginning and weave the sections together. Additional verses can also be written or improvised. 

The song can be used for Compline or Evening Prayer, as a sung bedtime blessing, or in dialogue with Psalm 4.

Night has fallen. (Night has fallen.)
God our maker, guard our sleeping.

You have kept us, Lord. (You have kept us, Lord.)
God our maker, guard our sleeping.

We will trust in you. (We will trust in you.)
God our maker, guard our sleeping.

Copyright for the piece is held by Hope Publishing. If you plan to reprint the text in a bulletin, a program, or in individual song sheet form, you must submit a request for use.

Sheet music is printed in There Is One Among Us: Shorter Songs for Worship from the Iona Community, as well as several other hymns and Global Song collections. A sample score and additional information can be found on

Here is a video of AnnaMarie Hoos leading 'Night has Fallen' at an MMC event at Bishop's Ranch in January 2016.

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