Haleluya Pujilah Tuhanmu

Haleluya Pujilah Tuhanmu was introduced to the MMC community by Scott Weidler. Written by Glodlief Soumokil, a prolific composer of sacred song from Indonesia, the setting we have shared in our workshops is just the first half of the song. 

Scott teaches the song by inviting the community to echo phrases of the text in Indonesian. Then he sings the tune and asks the community to echo the tune phrase by phrase, using his hands to model the shape of the melody. When the community is singing confidently, he adds a simple step (long, long, long, short, short).

The piece can be used as a song of praise, a processional, or even as a psalm refrain. Drums and shakers, as well as stomps and claps, can offer rhythmic support.

Haleluya! Haleluya!
Pujilah Tuhanmu s'lamanya haleluya!

Nyani dan soraklah
agungkan namaNya.
Pujilah Tuhanmu s'lamanya haleluya!

English singing translation:
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord our God forevermore, Hallelujah!

Shout with joy, lift your voice,
Glorify God's holy name. 
Praise the Lord our God forevermore, Hallelujah!

Sheet music can be found in Singing In Community, our latest songbook published by Augsburg Fortress. It is also printed in several Global Song resources across denominations, including Hosanna! Ecumenical Songs for Justice and Peace.

Here's a video of Scott teaching Haleluya Pujilah Tuhanmu at an workshop in Atlanta:

Here's a video of an Indonesian congregation singing the song in worship:

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