Pray with Our Feet

This call to faithful action by Paul Vasile is inspired by quotations from Frederick Douglass and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, speaking back to the shallow 'thoughts and prayers' and inaction of American politicians in face of ongoing mass shootings and gun violence. It is intended to be used in faith-based protests and marches, or as a sending song in churches and synagogues. 

"It's not enough to offer thoughts and prayers.
It's not enough to say that we care. 
It's not enough to hope that things will change. 
We've got to pray with our feet,
pray with our feet, pray with our feet
and get out, out on the street." 

MMC Presenter Jorge Lockward has written several more versesThe song also welcomes alternate lyrics to include people with a range of ability, or to name specific actions or work the community is called to do.

"We’ve got to pray with our mouths...
pray with our wheels... 
pray with our vote..."

A recording of the piece can be found here. You can download a score at no cost from Paul's website

Here is a recording of the song used in a political action in Washington, D.C.:


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