I Look to the Hills (Psalm 121)

This call and echo setting of Psalm 121 by Roddy Hamilton was carried to the MMC community by Rita Pihra-Majurinen. It's easy to learn and provides for a variety of singing options: leader/all, choir/congregation, or two groups echoing each other. Rita also wrote additional verses, so you can sing the whole psalm in call and echo. 

The piece is effective accompanied by a drone instrument (a shruti box or a soft unison or open fifth on the organ) to support the group's singing. With or without accompaniment, the tune quickly finds harmony. 

"I look to the hills. (I look to the hills.)
Where does help come from? (Where does help come from?)
My help comes from God, (My help comes from God,)
who made heaven and earth. (who made heaven and earth.)"

Additional verses by Rita Pihra-Majurinen:

"God who guides me feet,
God who never sleeps,
You who keep us safe
neither slumber nor sleep.

You are close at hand
like the evening shade
sunlight by day,
moonlight by night.

You will keep from harm
those who trust in you
as we go or come

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