He/Christ Came Down

He/Christ Came Down is a joyous melody from Cameroon transcribed by John Bell of the Iona Community. It appears in several hymnals and songbooks.

Several leaders in our community invite movement and embodiment while sharing this song, often with an arm gesture beckoning Christ to come down. The words can also be coordinated with each Sunday of Advent (i.e. hope, peace, joy, love, light), making this an excellent seasonal offering. 

"*He came down that we might have love.
Hallelujah forevermore!"

*Some leaders change the text to ‘Christ came down…’ More Voices of the United Church of Canada translates the text as ‘Jesus Came Bringing Us Hope.

Copyright for the song is held by GIA Publications, Inc. so you'll need a OneLicense membership to print the text or music.

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