Gloria a Dios / Glory to God

Gloria a Dios / Glory to God is from the ecumenical Lima Liturgy and appears in many denominational hymnals and song books. But the structure of the song (combination of call and echo and layered) invites you to teach it to a group without paper.

Try it in place of the Gloria or Gloria Patri, or include it in your Christmas pageant or an intergenerational celebration, with children or youth serving as song leaders.

"¡Gloria a Dios*, gloria a Dios, gloria en los cielos!
¡A Dios la gloria por siempre!
¡Alleluya, amén! ¡Alleluya, amén!

Glory to God, glory to God, Glory in the highest!
To God be glory forever!
Alleluia, amen! Alleluia, amen!"

*Some songbooks include additional Trinitarian verses (glory to Christ Jesus, glory to the Spirit)

Teaching note: The first part of the song is call and echo, which also offers an effective way to introduce short phrases in Spanish. Be sure to offer clear gestures that invite the congregation to listen and sing, especially if the congregation jumps in early as they sometimes do on the first phrase.

The second part of the song ("Alleluya, Amen") builds up layers of rhythm and harmony through repetition. Some song leaders teach this part first. Divide the group into three parts and encourage them to keep singing as the harmony builds. Having members of the choir around the congregation or within the community can offer support.

Copyright for the piece is held by GIA Publications, Inc. so you'll need a OneLicense membership to print the text or music.

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