Evening Lamps Are Lit / Firelight Praise

This beautiful, two-part layered song by Ana Hernández is a paraphrase of the Phos hilaron, one of the oldest hymns in the Christian tradition. It can be used as a gathering song, on Epiphany and during celebrations of light, or as a candle lighting song, as is the practice at St. Lydia's in Brooklyn where this song is frequently shared.

Leaders the MMC community teach the song differently. Some begin with Part I, then move to Part II. Others reverse the order to great effect. The piece is effective when accompanied by a drone instrument (a shruti box or a soft unison or open fifth on the organ).

Part I:
"Evening lamps are lit, firelight all around. Evening lamps are lit, *praise the only sound."

Part II:
"Light of the world, of endless blessing, sun of our night, lamp of our days;
Light of the world, of endless blessing, we raise our hearts in thanks and praise."

*Some communities sing 'praise and thanksgiving sound.'


Sheet music can be found in Music By HeartMMC's first collection of paperless music. 

Here is a recording of the song by Ana:

Here's an audio recording of Emily Scott teaching this song and giving some helpful suggestions for how to lead it without paper.

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