Courage, My Friend

Courage, My Friend is attributed to the anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa, sung as protesters were being taken to jail and as a way to learn people's’ names in the jail cells.

It's essentially a call and response song, with a call and echo component. It's also a zipper/pocket song that welcomes the addition of individuals' names, places, or exhortations from the group. We have included a few possibilities below. 

"Courage (courage)
my friend (my friend),
You do not walk alone.
We will (we will)
walk with you (walk with you),
And sing your spirit home."

Alternative text:
Freedom (freedom)
Patience (patience)
Justice ( justice)
Vision (vision)

Here is an audio recording of the song from IfNotNow.

Here is a setting with a slightly different tune and sung at a higher pitch:



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